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Village Board Minutes Mar 11, 2013

Village Board Meeting March 11, 2013 Members Present: D. Helmrick, B. Roehrborn, R. Burns, S. Bunders , K. Olson. Visitors: Mary Joost, Roman Heimerl, Dan Folan. President K. Trzebiatowski called the meeting to order at 7pm.
  1. Roehrborn made a motion and seconded by D. Helmrick to approve the February minutes. Motion carried 4-0.
  2. Olson made a motion and seconded by S. Bunders to approve the Treasurers report. Motion carried 5-0.
There was a discussion from Mary Joost and Roman Heimerl in regards to closing 4th St. north of Division St. Mary asked that the Board Members check the Industrial Park for road pitch in April when the weather is so they can.
  1. Olson made a motion and seconded by D. Helmrick to make a new Ordinance 3-2-6 in Title 3 Chapter 2-permitting Volunteer Fire Department to raise money thru fund raising and donations to be effective immediately. Motion carried 5-0.
  2. Burns made a motion and seconded b K. Olson to approve the March disbursements. Motion carried 5-0.
  3. Helmrick made a motion and seconded by K. Olson to adjourn at 8:20pm. Motion carried 5-0.
Next meeting April 8th at 6:30pm so they can check the Industrial Park before the regular meeting. Jaclyn Lemke, Clerk