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Collection Site

The Collection Site is for use by residents of the Town and Village of Almond. Collection Site attendants will do random residency checks and deny those who are not residents from using the Collection Site.

The Collection Site is open Wednesdays & Saturdays from 9am – 5pm from November 1st until the second week in March. After the second week in March, the hours are 9am–6pm.

Collection Site guidelines:

  • DO NOT Bag Recyclables
  • NO Garbage
  • NO metal objects are to be placed in dumpsters.
  • NO appliances
  • Electronics, including TV’s and Computer components, are NOT ACCEPTED at the Collection Site. Residents can contact stores such as Best Buy and Staples for proper recycling of those items. Portage County Solid Waste is also offering Electronics pick-up. Look here for more information on this event.
  • Lumber that has 50% or less paint should not be placed in the dumpsters. They should be placed in the wood pile.
  • Cardboard must be flattened before placing in the recycling dumpster.
  • NO Styrofoam in recycling dumpster. Styrofoam belongs in the trash dumpster
  • NO Plastic Bags or Plastic Wrap (return to retail)
  • NO Clothing or Linens (use donation programs)
  • NO Food or Liquid (empty all containers)
  • NO Tanglers (no hoses, wires, chains, or electronics)
  • Building material waste must be in a 55 gallon container, equal to, but not more than two 55 gallon containers or equal to 1/4 of a pick-up truck per dump day. For any major building project, the taxpayer is required to obtain their own dumpster for building material waste.

For more information, please review the Village Ordinances here.

Download a flier [PDF] with the full list of materials banned from landfills and incinerator disposal.

The Collection Site attendant is available to answer questions you may have.