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Village Ordinance

Below you will find links to the village ordinances.

Ordinance Cover Page

Title I:  General Provisions

1.  Use and Construction

Title II:  Government and Administration

1.  Village Government 2.  Village Board 3.  Municipal Officers and Employees 4.  Boards and Commissions 5.  Finance and General Relief 6.  Ethics 7.  Public Records

Title III:  Public Safety

1.  Law Enforcement 2.  Fire Department 3.  Civil Defense 4.  Health and Sanitation 5. Outdoor Heating Devices 6.  Animal Control

Title IV:  Public Works

1.  Grades 2.  Streets and Sidewalks 3.  Driveways 4.  Street and Sidewalk Excavations and Openings 5.  Snow and Ice Removal 6.  Obstructions and Encroachments 7.  Trees and Shrubs

Title V:  Public Utilities

1.  Sewer Utility 2.  Recycling Center and Garbage Disposal Site 3.  Miscellaneous

Title VI:  Licensing and Regulations

1.  Licensing of Dogs and Cats and Regulation of Animals 2.  Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor 3.  Cigarette License 4.  Mobile Homes 5.  Direct Sellers 6.  Village Parks and Recreational Areas 7.  Regulation and Licensing of Fireworks

Title VII:  Motor Vehicles and Traffic

1.  General Traffic Regulations 2.  Bicycles 3.  Snowmobiles 4.  Abandoned Vehicles

Title VIII:  Offenses and Nuisances

1.  Offenses 2.  Obscenity 3.  Offenses Involving Alcoholic Beverages 4.  Nuisances

Title IX:  Land Usage

1.  Dwelling Code 2.  Zoning 3.  Housing Code

Table of Special Ordinances

Parallel References

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