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Village of Almond

PO Box 125

Almond, WI 54909


Upcoming Events

+Village Board Agenda Nov 13, 2017

Village Board Meeting Municipal Building November 13, 2017, 7pm Agenda: • Treasurer’s Report • Committee and Zoning reports • Maintenance report • Discussion and possible action on debris in Village; Discussion on Jerry Fay property; update on Collection Site Service Provider; Sewer Rodding Machine options; Update on School’s drainage situation/Elm St. drainage; Clerk’s job description; Appointed vs. Hired; Need for Election Registration Official during elections; the Village Website and the information it provides; Backup status of Office computers; Budgeted amount for Dan’s Health Insurance, how to disperse it, and where to put the account number; Cemetery CD’s; Sewer Past Due letters; Notification of Noncandidacy papers • Adoption of the Proposed 2018 Budget Board may take action on any above items. Heidi Iwanski, Interim Clerk