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Special Board Meeting Minutes March 14, 2018

Village of Almond Special Board Meeting March 14, 2018 Members present: J. Riggenbach, S. Bunders, R. Burns Visitors present: None President K. Trzebiatowski called the Meeting to order at 7:03pm K. Trzebiatowski discussed adjusting check signing procedures. J. Riggenbach made a motion to require the signatures of the Village President and Village Treasurer to issue checks until a Village Clerk is hired, starting with check number 19485 for the Village of Almond Checking Account, check number 4726 for the Village and Town of Almond Fire Department Checking Account, check 4083 for the Village of Almond Sewer Checking Account and check number 1003 for the Village of Almond Cemetery Checking Account. Once a Village clerk is hired, we will require 3 signatures – Village President, Village Clerk and Village Treasurer. R. Burns seconded. Motion carried 4-0. K. Trzbiatowski discussed the temporary filling of the Village Clerk position. H. Burns reports that she has spoken with the County Clerk and it was suggested that we hire a Clerk from another municipality. K. Trzbiatowski has spoken with Nancy Seaman, the Clerk for the Town of Almond and Nancy has agreed to assist with Clerk duties including the upcoming election. J. Riggenbach made a motion to hire Nancy Seaman as the temporary, interim Clerk for the Village of Almond, with hourly pay of $12.50. S. Bunders seconded. Motion carried 4-0. S. Bunders made a motion to pay H. Burns for her time as the temporary, interim clerk at a rate of $12.50 per hour. J. Riggenbach seconded. Motion carried 4-0. B. Roehrborn has been instructed to contact the prior Clerk to obtain computer passwords in order to continue Village business. S. Bunders suggested that going forth, passwords should be kept in a safe place within the Village Office. R. Burns suggested the Village place an ad in the school newsletter for an opening for the Clerk Position. J. Riggenbach will create an ad and email to H. Burns for school newsletter publication. K. Trzebiatowski discussed changing all future correspondence for the Village of Almond be addressed to the “Clerk of the Village of Almond” instead of the name of the Clerk. K. Trzebiatowski reported about improper handling of Village correspondence by the previous Village Clerk. He will respond to the letter. S. Bunders made a motion to adjourn, seconded by R. Burns to adjourn at 8:05pm. Motion carried 4-0.