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Village Board Minutes April 9, 2018

Village of Almond Board Meeting April 9, 2018 Members present: J. Riggenbach, B. Roehrborn, S. Bunders, R. Burns, C. Schmidt Visitors present: Dan Folan, Pastor Justin Spady, Maria Frank, Richard Martell President K. Trzebiatowski called the Meeting to order at 7:01pm J. Riggenbach made a motion, seconded by R. Burns to accept February’s minutes. Motion carried 5-0. The Board formally welcomed Carl Schmidt as a newly elected Trustee H. Burns gave the treasurer’s report. B. Roehrborn suggested that we should make another wage payback payment from the Sewer Money Market account to the Village Money Market account after the next quarterly billing. B. Roehrborn made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried 5-0. Richard Martell spoke on concerns he had regarding an incident at the Collection Site. The Village Board will look into creating a procedure for claiming items left at the collection site. Finance: B. Roehrborn made a motion, seconded by J. Riggenbach to approve the April disbursements. Motion carried 5-0. Fire: Dan Folan gave an update on the UTV. Plover EMS service has begun and response times are better. K. Trezbiatowski reported that he received a letter from the Portage County Sheriff’s Department on EMS now falling under the Sheriff’s department jurisdiction. Properties: B. Roehrborn reported that the fence is completed at the Lagoon. B. Roehrborn discussed the possibility of purchasing a computer server for the Village office. Dan Folan reported that the sewer line in the Municipal Center backed up last month and has backed up again. Dan is trying to determine the issue. Dan Folan reported that the grounding rods at the fuel tanks have been installed and we have received an OK from the inspector that we are now in compliance. Public Works: No report Ordinance/Personnel: J. Riggenbach introduced an official Village statement relating to the events surrounding the resignation of Heidi Iwanski. B. Roehrborn made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to approve the statement. Motion carried 5-0. K. Trezbiatowski has met with the Village attorney regarding the unauthorized use of the email account. The attorney has sent emails requesting the former clerk stop using this account. Due to not receiving a response, the attorney will now send a letter. K. Trezbiatowski reports that the Village has received a letter regarding the determination of unemployment benefits for the former clerk. K. Trezbiatowski reported that we have 2 applications for the Village Clerk position. The applicants have questioned having set office hours. J. Riggenbach stated that he felt we could be flexible with office hours as long as the Clerk would be available by appointment. B. Roehrborn suggested that the Village office have set hours for 3 days a week. K. Trezbiatowski states that applications will be accepted for the Clerk’s position until April 20, 2018. The Personnel Committee will meet on April 23rd at 7pm to work on the employee handbook revisions. Equipment: K. Trezbiatowski stated that we have gotten a new tractor and need to decide on a new rental agreement. We can choose a rental agreement for Governments which would allow 350 hours at $20 per hour or approximately $7000 per year, paid in 2 installments. Right now our rental agreement is for 200 hours for $6520 per year. There is an overage charge of $31.25 per hour of use. Over the past 3 years we have gone over, on average $380 per year. Dan Folan states that we would likely be closer to 300 hours of use. Motion by B. Roehrborn, seconded by J. Riggenbach to accept the government contract for $7000. Motion carried 5-0. K. Trezbiatowski reported that this is the last year for our loader bucket rental. We will be looking into purchasing the bucket. K. Trezbiatowski reported that we will not be getting a new lawn tractor right now. Zoning: Dan Folan reported that a remodeling permit and 2 well permits have been issued. There is another permit out with the homeowner that has not been returned yet. Cemetery: K. Trzebiatowski states he has spoken with an individual who may be interested in mowing the cemetery. Beautification: No report. Correspondence: K. Trezbiatowski reported that we have received a Survey Map from Al Pagel. K. Trezbiatowski reported on correspondence received from the Housing Authority, the Almond Historical Society, Pipeline CORE, Brownfield and MBA education courses. New committees will be assigned at the next Village Board meeting. B. Roehrborn reported on the health of Jackie Lemke. A card was signed by the Village Board members to be sent to her. Dan Folan reported on Drug Take Back day to be held at the Municipal Center on April 28th from 12:30-2pm Justin Spady from the Seventh Day Adventist Church introduced himself and asked the Village Board for any ideas that the Church may be able to pursue to help the community. Maria Frank from the Seventh Day Adventist Church spoke on a Healthy Cooking class that will be held on April 29th from 1-3pm at the American Legion. K. Trezbiatowski informed the Village Board that Open Book will be held on June 7th from 1-3pm and Board of Review will be on June 11th from 6-8pm. Several Village Board members will take Board of Review Training prior to the June date. Next meeting: Monday, May 14th, 2018 at 7pm. B. Roehrborn made a motion to adjourn, seconded by S. Bunders to adjourn at 8:15pm. Motion carried 5-0.