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Village Board Minutes August 13, 2018

Village of Almond Board Meeting August 13, 2018 Present: S Bunders, J Riggenbach, K Trzebiatowski, K Olsen, R Burns, B Roehrborn, H Burns, C Smith Visitors: Dan Folan President K Trzebiatowski called the meeting to order at 7:00pm J Riggenbach made a motion, seconded by S Bunders to accept the July minutes. Motion carried 6-0. Treasurer’s Report: H Burns gave the treasurer’s report. K Olsen made a motion, seconded by B Roehrborn to accept the Treasurer’s report. Motion carried 6-0. Finance – R Burns presented the bills. K Olsen made a motion to accept the bills. Seconded by B Roehrborn. Motion carried 6-0. Fire – D Folan reported Carl Schmidt is doing the maintenance work on the trucks as our previous provide has retired. We passed the 2% audit. Properties -The blacktop behind the store is cracking, grass growing on it and it needs to be cleaned up. Suggestion/discussion to remove the blacktop and replacing with grass took place. Will look into the cost and put it in the budget for next year. Public Works- A couple of street lights are out/going out. Dan will get on this right away tomorrow. Ordinance/Personnel – J Riggenbach gave a report on letters that were issued for ordinance violations and the results. Some are getting a second notice with a limit of 15 days to correct the situations. Some will get a final notice and then will be issued citations. R Burns gave a report on ordinance 6-2-18 Non-Renewal. B Roehrborn made a motion to amend the ordinance to 150 days instead of 30. Seconded by S Bunders. Motion carried 6-0. J Riggenbach made a motion to change D to C, currant (C ) to (D) and to adopt ordinance 6-2-18. Seconded by B Roehrborn. Motion carried 6-0 H Burns reported that there will be letters going out to the unlicensed dog owners for a reminder to get their dogs licensed. The fifth notice is going out to Fam A Lee Restaurant owner for their delinquent snowplowing bill. It will go out with interest occurred. K Olsen made a motion to turn this bill into the county to be put on the tax roll for collection with interest accumulated provided it is not paid before then. Seconded by R Burns. Motion carried 6-0 D Folan reported there is a dog running loose quite often. People need to call the humane society when they see a loose dog. Personnel – The board needs to start thinking about replacing D Folan as he will be retiring in the Spring. Discussion on safety requirement that should be required for this position was held. Equipment – Heather reported on the update to the Clerk & Treasurer’s computers. Cemetery – Heather is updating the maps and other info. Beautification – None Public Input – One resident has a question about changing the status of their home. Now zoned as a duplex. Did not appear before the board. Zoning – None Discussion/Possible action on operator’s licenses. J Riggenbach made a motion to deny a license to Jonathan Armstrong per his background check and past history. Seconded by K Olsen. Motion carried 6-0. K Olsen made a motion to grant an operator’s license to Baily Beggs upon completion of her Seller/Trainer Certification and for Albert Dachel. Seconded by B Roehrborn. Motion carried 6-0. Treasurer and Clerk requested to go to two meeting. Transcendent Technologies meeting in Stevens Point on Thursday Sept 6 and a Fall Town & Village Workshop in Wausau on September 17, 2018. B Roehrborn made a motion to allow them to go to these meetings/training. Seconded by S Bunders. Motion carried 6-0. Next meeting will be September 10, 2018 Adjourn – K Olsen made a motion, seconded by S Bunders to adjourn. Motion carried. 6-0 Adjourn at 9:08pm Respectfully Carol Smith, Clerk