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Village Board Minutes December 10, 2018

Village of Almond Board Meeting December 10, 2018 Present: J. Riggenbach, K. Trzebiatowski, R. Burns, S Bunders, C. Schmidt, H. Burns, C. Smith Visitors: Dan Folan, Ethan Meddaugh Pledge of Allegiances was said President K Trzebiatowski called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm J. Riggenbach made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to accept the November minutes. Motion carried 4-0. Treasurer’s Report: H. Burns gave the treasurer’s report. S. Bunders made a motion, seconded by R. Burns to accept the Treasurer’s report. Motion carried 4-0. Meet the Building Inspector – Ethan Meddaugh introduced himself to the board and in turn got introduced to our board members. He presented a little history about himself. He gave us his business cards to have on hand. Finance – R. Burns presented the bills. J. Riggenbach made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to pay the bills. Motion carried 4-0. Fire –S. Bunders gave a report of the Joint Fire Department Committee Meeting held on December 5, 2018. Dan gave a report that of an EMS run they had and how great it turned out. He thanked the board for providing knowledge and equipment them so they can do their job. Public Works – Dan updated the board on the lagoon meter. It needs to be replaced. It is junk. Replacement cost is $2150.00. S. Bunders made a motion, seconded by R. Burns to get a replace meter. Motion carried 4-0. The cost of this will come out of the replacement fund account. R. Burns made a motion, seconded by C. Schmidt to opt out of the Portage County Solid Waste contract. Motion carried 4-0. A letter must be written and given to them by December 31, 2018. We are still under contract with them through December 2019. Then we will be on our own in 2020. Properties – Keep in mind to look again at the Sanchez property in the Spring of the year. Ordinance/Personnel – The personnel committee will meet on January 7, 2018, at 6:00pm to review the applications for the Village Maintenance Supervisor position. Then they will bring recommendations to the board meeting in January meeting. Burning leave, etc. in the Village. Working on updating our ordinance to ban all burning in the Village limits. Equipment – Dan updated the board on the performance of the lawnmower. Still some minor issues. Zoning – Nothing Cemetery – Next month will talk about the CD’s that will come due in January and what we should do with them. Beautification – None Beautification – None Set Caucus Date/Time. The board agreed to set the Caucus date for January 14, 2019, 6:45pm. Our next board meeting will be January 14, 2019 at 7:00 PM. S. Bunders made a motion and seconded by R. Burns to adjourn. Motion carried 4-0. Adjourned at 8:07 pm Respectfully Carol Smith, Clerk