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Board Minutes March 9, 2020

Present: J. Riggenbach, R. Burns, H. Burns, C. Smith, K Trzebiatowski, K Olsen, S. Bunders, C. Schmidt

Visitors:  David Schauer

Pledge of Allegiances

President K. Trzebiatowski called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

J. Riggenbach made a motion, seconded by K. Olsen to accept the February minutes.  Motion

approved 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report:  H. Burns gave the treasurer’s report.   K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by

S. Bunders to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Motion approved 5-0.

Public Input – None

Discussion/Action on Beer/Liquor License application for John Sheffy dba Liberation Farmers LLC-after much discussion. K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by J. Riggenbach to grant a Class B Beer and Liquor license to Liberation Farmers LLC. to be prorated for the balance of this year.  Motion approved 5-0.

Finance report was given by S. Bunders.  K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by J. Riggenbach to accept the finance report.  Motion approved 5-0.  K. Trzebiatowski reported that he is going to meet with the lawyer and present him with the bills we have acquired so far for the Fay property.

Fire & EMS :  The board is requesting that the Fire Chief or representative come before the board on a quarterly basis to report any updates/events that occur at the fire/ems departments.  So far this year there have been 8 EMS runs and recently a barn fire.

Public Works –Waiting for the results of the grant that the village applied for to repair Church St.  K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by R. Burns to transfer $20,000.00 from the sewer account into the sewer replacement fund.  Motion approved 5-0.

Properties – Follow-up discussion was held on what needs to be done with the Sanchez property.  Still working on it.  On May 5th at 1:00PM there will be a meeting at the university in Stevens Point to report on the findings of the tree project the students are doing in the village.

Ordinance/Personnel –Need to setup a meeting in the near future.

Equipment – Looking for a different snowplow truck.  C. Schmidt is looking into different options for us and will bring something back to the board. Discussion on purchasing vs leasing the village tractor.  R. Burns made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to lease a 6110 John Deere Tractor this year.  Motion approved 5-0. 

Zoning –Two remodel applications.

Cemetery – None

Beautification – R. Burns presented us with information/suggestion from info given to him on a possibility, do we want to do a mural on the south wall of the library?  The board decided not at this time.

The Housing Authority of the County of Portage has increased our PILOT agreement by $25.00 per unit. Effective December 2020.  We will type up a resolution and approve it at our April meeting.

Next meeting of the board will be Monday April 13, 2020.

K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by R. Burns to adjourn.  Motion passed 5-0.

Adjourned at 9:10


Carol Smith, Clerk