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Village Board Meeting Minutes – 8/10/2020

Present: K. Trzebiatowski, B. Roehrborn, H. Burns, C. Smith, K. Olsen, S. Bunders, J. Riggenbach

Visitors:  David Schauer, Peter Trevino, Charlene Trevino

Pledge of Allegiance was said

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President K. Trzebiatowski

Discussion was held on the usage of masks

S. Bunders made a motion, seconded by B. Roehrborn to accept the July minutes.  Motion approved 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report:  H. Burns gave the treasurer’s report.   K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Motion approved 4-0.  

Pete and Charlene Trevino came before the board to inquire about putting a 40’ x 8’ x 8’ storage container on their property.  They will paint it and put a fence around it.   This is a permanent structure.

There was a request from Dee’s Bar and Grill to the board about closing Division St from CTY A to 2nd St. in September for a car show.  Date to be determined later.  Cliff would take care of the barricades, having mask and sanitizers available for the event.  B. Roehrborn made a motion, seconded by K. Olsen to allow Dee’s Bar and Grill to close the street from Cty A to 2nd St in September 2020.  Motion approved 4-0

Finance -S. Bunders gave the finance report.  K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to pay the bills.  Motion approved 4-0.  

Fire and EMS – None – Supposed to have a Joint Fire meeting in August to go over the 2021 budget.

Public Works – Work on Church street is scheduled to begin the first week in August.  Repairs on the lagoon valves was discussed.  Dave received quotes for the repairs.  K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by B. Roehrborn to approve the analog repairs at the lift station at a cost of up to $2400.00, not to exceed $2500.00.  Motion approved 4-0.

Zblewski Bros will be coming to the dump sometime mid Sept – October to grind up the brush at the dump.

The board discussed having an electronic collection at the dump site.  K. Trzebiatowski gave details on having Wellers vs Helping Hands to handle the collection for us.  K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to go with Wellers.  Motion approved 4-0.

We are going to do an electronic collection at the collection site on Sept 19th, 23rd and 26th.   We will have flyers made to hand out so folks know what they can and can’t bring.  We will have two 20 yd dumpsters.

Properties – None

Ordinance/Personnel – Grass notices were sent out.  Talked about junk car ordinance and possible changes. Also, there is a single house ordinance that needs attention in the description of it.

Equipment – B. Roehrborn gave us an update on what he has found out so far on a replacement generator for the lift station.  Still waiting for some quotes.

DNR tree grant – K. Olsen still working on it.

Zoning – Four remodeling projects taking place.

Cemetery – None

Beautification – None

Discussion/Action on an operator’s license for Rochelle L. York.  J. Riggenbach made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to grant Rochelle L. York an operator’s license.  Motion passed 4-0.

Media/Sewer Clerk –Nothing

Open Book dates are set for Thursday Sept 3, 2020, 11am-1pm and Tuesday September 8, 2020, 5-7pm. At the municipal center.

Board of review will be held on September 16, 2020, 6 – 8pm at the municipal center.

Next meeting will be held on September 14, 2020

K. Olsen made a motion, seconded by S. Bunders to adjourn.  Motion passed.

Adjourned at 8:40 pm


Carol Smith, Clerk