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Joint Fire Department Meeting Minutes – 8/19/2020

Town-Village of Almond

Joint Fire Committee Meeting

Wednesday August 19, 2020

Present were: Roger Hetzel, Dan Folan, Matt Lemke, Kip Gutke, Ken Trzebiatowski, Richard Burns and Carol Smith.

Meeting called to order by Chairman R. Hetzel at 7:00pm

Chief’s Report – Dan updated us on what has been happening with the Fire Department.  R. Hetzel brought up discussion on the stipend reimbursement per member.  K. Trzebiatowski made a motion to recommend, seconded by K. Gutke to increase the Membership stipend from $8.00 to $10.00 per hour beginning the start of this next pay period.  Passed 6-0

Discussion was held as to if we have gotten any updates as to what and how we should charge for fire runs.  Dan will check with other departments to see what they do and get samples of their billing.  He will bring back info to our next meeting.  R. Hetzel had checked with Rural Mutual and they pay up to $500.00 per fire.

Chief gave a report on the final plans put together by the Fire Department Truck committee:

They have chosen to go with a 3000-gal, Tantrum vehicle.  In discussing where certain monies are available, the discussion of the 2% usage was brought up to refresh everyone present on its usage.  C. Smith asked the committee if they (The Village) could get their permission to have the 2% monies put in its own Money Market account to provide for better accounting of this money.  M. Lemke made a recommendation, seconded by K. Gutke that the Village has permission to open a money Market account for the 2% monies.  Passed 6-0.

Further discussion was held on the specks of the truck.  They are putting out bids/proposals and are requesting them to be back on September 28, 2020, between 9am-3pm to the Village Clerk’s Office.  Bids will be open later that evening by the Truck Committee. The Joint Fire Committee will meet on October 7, 2020 at 7PM.  At this time the Truck Committee will present to the Joint Fire Committee their recommendation of who will get the bid for the truck.  The Joint Fire Committee will then take this recommendation to their respective boards, the village Board on Monday October 12, 2020, and the Town on Wednesday October 14, 2020 for their approval.

The Proposed Budget for 2021 was presented by Fire Chief D. Folan and discussed by the committee.   R. Burns made a motion, seconded by K. Gutke to approve proposed 2021 budget presented by the Fire Chief D. Folan.  This will be presented to the respective boards for their approval at their September meetings. Passed 6-0.

K. Gutke made a motion, seconded by M. Lemke to adjourn.  Passed 5-0

Adjourned at 7:55pm

Respectfully submitted

Carol Smith, Secretary