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Village Board Meeting Minutes – 1/11/2021

Present: K. Trzebiatowski, J. Riggenbach, R. Burns, B. Roehrborn, H. Burns C. Smith,

Visitors:  David Schauer, Dan Folan

Pledge of Allegiance was said

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President K. Trzebiatowski

R. Burns made a motion, seconded by J. Riggenbach to approve the December minutes.  Motion approved 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report:  H. Burns gave the treasurer’s report.   J. Riggenbach made a motion, seconded by B. Roehrborn to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Motion approved 4-0.   B. Roehrborn made a motion, seconded by R. Burns to renew CD# 4020 when it comes due.  Motion approved 4-0.

Finance -J. Riggenbach gave the finance report.  B. Roehrborn made a motion, seconded by R. Burns to pay the bills.  Motion approved 4-0. 

Fire/EMS – Fire Chief D. Folan reported that the Fire Dept had 36 runs and the EMS 69 runs for 2020. The EMS has started getting the COVID-19 shots and they are opening them up to the fire and police departments starting January 18th.  About June we should get notice to write a check for the new truck.  With the fundraiser, the department held, the members purchased several wireless tools to use on scenes.  Lori and Evan Helmrick have taken over as team leaders for the EMS.

Public Works – Electronics collection.  The Town of Almond would like to see another collection done of electronics.  We will be scheduling a time for this.  Belmont would like to participate in another tire roundup, which will be in the fall of 2021.

We are having some problems with our sewer line by a main.  This will have to be dug up.  There are roots in the system causing the problem.  This is located in the waterway.

Properties – The village office has gotten a new facelift.  It has been painted. Looks very nice.

Ordinance/Personnel – J. Riggenbach gave the board info from other areas on managing houses and properties.  He presented some material on this.  This will be forward to all the board members so they can review it, along with our ordinance and bring back ideas, suggestions to the next board meeting on what they feel we should be doing and how.

Equipment – Dave is working on his CDL It will cost $150.00 to take the tests.

Zoning –One building permit has been issued

Cemetery – 15 plots were sold last year.

Beautification – Greg from the mural project is working on some projects for us.

Media/Sewer Clerk –Nothing

Anything else to come before the board – Portage county has opened all county roads to ATVs, UTVs, etc. beginning Wed January 13, 2021.

Next Board will be February 8, 2021 at 7:00pm

R. Burns made a motion, seconded by J. Riggenbach to adjourn.  Motion passed 4-0

Adjourned at 9:05 pm


Carol Smith, Clerk