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Village of Almond Cemetery Regulations

Village of Almond Cemetery Regulations:

All occupied graves must have a permanent, non-removable marker within one year of burial

Vault plus two cremains are allowed on a standard grave.

Four cremains are allowed on a standard grave.

Cement/stone urns are allowed if placed in alignment with headstones.

Removable bouquets and decorations are allowed if placed on headstones, monuments or in a vase.

Any decorations that interfere with upkeep and maintenance will be removed

Shepherd hooks are allowed but must be touching the foundation of the headstone.

The planting of trees, shrubs or roses is not permitted.

Existing trees and shrubs will be trimmed or removed at discretion of the Village.

Summer decorations must be removed by October 15th

Winter decorations must be removed by April 15th

The Village of Almond is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

NO PETS ALLOWED on cemetery grounds

No burials without approval.

No headstone placed without approval.

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