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Village of Almond

PO Box 125

Almond, WI 54909


Upcoming Events

Village Board Meeting Agenda 6/14/2021

Village Board Meeting

Municipal Building

June 14, 2021


Board Of Review from 6-8pm

7:00 pm


Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Call Meeting to order
  2. Discussion/Action on Minutes of May, 2021 Regular Village Board Meeting
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Public Input – (No formal action to be taken) a. Art Pagel from the Almond Historical Society to give us an update on the Historical Society b. Surveyor reference to an assessor’s plat along CTY RD J AND D
  5. Finance/Approval of Bills
  6. Fire/EMS Report
  7. Public Works
  8. Properties
  9. Ordinance/Personnel
  10. Renewal/Extension of animal control contract between Portage County and The Village of Almond
  11. Discussion/Action on Class B Liquor/Beer License Applications a. Dee’s Bar & Grill LLC-1371 Division St b. Garlow’s Bar & Grill LLC-126 Main St c. Angel’s Bar & Grill – 117 Main St

Class B Beer a. Liberation Farmers LLC – 123 Main St b. Mead-Rath-Gutke Post 339 – 1401 Division St

Class C Wine a. Liberation Farmers LLC – 123 Main St

Picnic & Wine Cooler a. Almond Lions Club – Division St – for Tater Toot

Discussion/Action on Cigarette License a. Garlow’s  Bar & Grill LLC – 126 Main St

Discussion/Action on Operator’s License Applications a. Dee’s Bar & Grill – Debbie Bunk, Jim Williams, Michael W. Bloedorn b. Garlow’s Bar & Grill – Greg Otto, Carol Brewer, Rochelle York, Renata Betro, Dustin Williams, Marguerite Baumgartner, Mikayla Meyer, Kevin Garlow, Crystal Strossner, Chealsie Lehman, Victoria Malone c. Angel’s Bar & Grill – Angel Friday, James Droste d. Mead-Rath-Gutke Post 339 – Ken Trzebiatowski, Albert Dachel, Roy Mitchell e. Almond Lions Club – Robert Gutke Jr, Kurt Gutke, Dylan Warzynski, Madeleine Gutke, Jeff Heise, Zac Beggs, Robert Gutke III, Budd Gutke, Steve Leary, Kip Gutke, Billie Riske, Jim Warzynski

  1. Equipment
  2. Zoning
  3. Cemetery
  4. Beautification
  5. Media/Sewer Clerk
  6. Planning Commission
  7. Is there anything else to come before the board?
  8. Next Meeting – July 12, 2021
  9. Adjournment

Carol Smith, Village Clerk

Please Note

This will be in person meeting.  If you wish to use a mask, that will be up to you.  We will have some available if you need one.

  • Please note that upon reasonable notice, all reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities through appropriate aids and service.  For additional information or to request this service, contact the Municipal Clerk at (715)366-8171 or 122 Main St., Almond, WI or by fax at (715)366-4558.

PROOF OF POSTING:   A copy of the notice was delivered on June 9, 2021 to the following: website (upload), Village of Almond Municipal Center (posted), Portage County Bank – Almond Branch (posted), and Village of Almond Post Office (posted).