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Village Board Meeting Minutes – 2/14/2022

Almond Village

 Board Regular Meeting

February 14, 2022

Present: R. Burns, D. Johnson, B. Roehrborn, K. Fenske, G. Otto, H. Burns, C. Smith,

Visitors:  David Schauer, Stephen Sawyer

Meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by President B. Roehrborn

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

R. Burns made a motion, seconded by K. Fenske to approve the January minutes.  Motion approved 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report:  H. Burns gave the treasurer’s report.   R. Burns made a motion, seconded by G. Otto to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Motion approved 4-0.   

Finance – D. Johnson gave the finance report R. Burns made a motion, seconded by G. Otto to pay the bills.  Motion approved 4-0.

Public Input – Steve Sawyer appeared before the board to introduce himself and tell something about himself as he is running the Circuit Court Judge in the Spring election.  After his presentation, there was a question/answer time.

Fire/EMS –Nothing

Media/Sewer Clerk –Nothing

Public Works –None.

Discussion/approval of the Animal Control Contract.  This is good for three years.  G. Otto made a motion, seconded by R. Burns to sign the Animal Control Contract.  Motion approved 4-0

Properties – Dave Johnson presented a draft letter for grease trap regulations.

Ordinance/Personnel – None

Equipment –The equipment committee will be getting together to go over all our equipment to determine what condition they are in.  They will determine if any equipment will need replacing and when.  The board agreed to get a walk behind 24” snowblower for the sidewalks.  This purchase will wait until the spring sales are on before we purchase one.

Zoning –none

Cemetery – None

Beautification – none

Planning Commission – None

Next Board will be on March 14, 2022 at 5:00pm

K. Fenske made a motion, seconded by G. Otto to adjourn.  Motion passed 4-0

Adjourned at 5:30 pm


Carol Smith, Clerk