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Village Board Meeting Minutes – 7/11/2022

Almond Village Board Regular Meeting

July 11, 2022

Present: R. Burns, D. Johnson, B. Roehrborn, T. Pagel, G. Otto, C. Schmidt L. Helmrick, H. Burns, C. Smith,

Visitors:  David Schauer, William Lorenz

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President B. Roehrborn

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

G. Otto made a motion, seconded by L. Helmrick to approve the June 10, 2022 minutes.  Motion approved 6-0.

Treasurer’s report – Heather gave the treasurer’s report.  R. Burns made a motion, seconded by L. Helmrick to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion approved 6-0.

ARPA funds have all been received.  R. Burns made a motion, seconded by C. Schmidt to close the ARPA Money Account and move the money to the Village Money Market Account.  Motion approved 6-0.

Finance Report – D. Johnson gave the finance report.  G. Otto made a motion, seconded by L. Helmrick to approve paying the bills.  Motion approved 6-0.

Public Input – William Lorenz appeared before the board to ask permission to have his camper trailer at 150 Main St until September when he will be moving into a house he is purchasing in the Village.  After discussion the board approved this request.

Fire/EMS – Next month getting budget ready

Public Works – Discussion was held on a five-year street plan.  Schedule to start tarring the streets shortly.

Properties – None

Ordinance/Personnel – The request by Ken Trzebiatowski at the June meeting is already covered by the Grease Ordinance section 5-4-2-C Special Agreements. So, nothing has to be changed.

Discussion/action on ordinance change for village board meeting date and times.  G. Otto made a motion seconded by T. Pagel to change our ordinance 2-2-9 to read 5:00 for our meeting times and add the sentence – meeting dates and times may be changed by agreement of the board.  Motioned approved 6-0

Equipment – C. Schmidt will be setting a date to access the village equipment.  We have the Jetter back in the village.  There was discussion on the charges.  This is being looked into.

Chris Anderson has shown interest in leasing a payloader to the village for snow removal.  He would like a five-year lease.  He would also be the main operator of it.  Still working on details.

Zoning –One roof repair

Cemetery – Updated on what is happening.  Still a work in progress

Beautification – Flowers are looking great.

Media Sewer/Clerk – Newsletters are out.  If you did not receive one and would like one, please contact the Village Office.

Discussion on the new shack at the collection site.  Concern about the appearance.

Next Board will be on August 8, 2022 at 5:00 pm by agreement

R. Otto made a motion, seconded by T. Pagel to adjourn.  Motion passed 6-0

Adjourned at 9:00


Carol Smith, Clerk