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Village of Almond

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Almond, WI 54909


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Village of Almond Personnel Committee Meeting – 6/19/2023

Almond Village

Personnel Meeting

June 19, 2023


Present:  President B. Roehrborn, Chair- L. Helmrick, D. Schultz, G. Otto

Meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by President B. Roehrborn

No Public input

L. Helmrick made a motion, seconded by D. Schultz to go into closed session.  Motion approved 4-0.

Went into closed session at 5:12pm.

G. Otto made a motion, seconded by L. Helmrick to return to open session.  Motion approved 4-0.  Returned to open session at 5:40pm.

D. Schultz made a motion, seconded by G. Otto to adjourn.  Motion approved 4-0. 

Adjourned at 5:45pm


Brian Roehrborn