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Village Board Meeting Minutes – 7/10/2023

Almond Village

Board Regular Meeting

July 10, 2023


Present: B. Roehrborn, D. Johnson, D. Schultz, G. Otto, C. Schmidt, L. Helmrick, C. Smith, H Burns

Visitors:  David Schauer, Richard Novotny,

Meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by President B. Roehrborn

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

D. Johnson made a motion, seconded by L. Helmrick to approve the minutes from the June 12, 2023 board meeting.  Motion approved 5-0.

Treasurer’s report – H. Burns gave the treasurer’s report.  D. Johnson made a motion, seconded by C. Schmidt to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion approved 5-0.

Public Input-None

Discussion/Action by Ronald Bowden or Point of Beginning Inc-No one appeared before the board.  Discussion was held on their request to approve to expand east line of parcel no. 004-21-0-29-12.01 to the east to get the existing building structures and improvements, residing on one parcel rather that on two separate parcels.  M. Bowden owns both parcels-no. 004-21-0929-12.01 and the neighboring parcel no. 004-21-0929-15 to the east. L. Helmick made a motion, seconded by C. Schmidt to approve this request.  Motion approved 5-0

Finance Report – D. Johnson gave the finance report.  L. Helmick made a motion, seconded by D. Schultz to approve paying the bills plus the Alliant bills that have yet to come.   Motion approved 5-0. 

Fire/EMS –None

Public Works – Discussion was held on the tire roundup.  Considering charging for all tires.  Possibly charging $5.00 for auto, $10.00 for truck, $15.00 for semi, $20.00 for tractor (18.4×30) and $25.00 for Larger tractator.   G. Otto made a motion seconded by C. Schmidt to pay at the dump when bringing in the tires.  Motion approved 5-0,

D. Johnson reported the last sign for the collection has been ordered.

Properties Committee set up a meeting to be held this Thursday at 7:00pm on the property between 1136 & 1142 CTY RD D to discuss a request to acquire this property or part of by Richard Novotny.

Ordinance/Personnel – L. Helmick -Question about the semi parking in the village.   The ordinance committee will rewrite the ordinance 7-1-3-Parking restriction on village streets.

L. Helmick reported on the results of the personnel meeting held.  They are suggesting a 10% increase in pay for Gary Wiley effective July 5th and increase for Wally Tomczak to $12.00 for the collection site and anything else he does. Also, effective July 5, 2023.    C. Schmidt made a motion to grant the 10% increase for Gary Wily and to increase Wally to $12.00 hr., seconded by D. Johnson.  Motion approved 5-0.

Gary Wily requested a porta potty at the collection site.  The committee decided against it because he has access to two sites available in the village to use.  The municipal building and the fire station.

Dog licenses-Heather asked if she should send out another letter to the owners that have not gotten their licenses yet.  The board asked that she send out a second notice letter.

Delinquent Personal Property tax-The board asked Heather to contact the League of Municipalities legal department to get advice on collecting the delinquent Personal Property Tax.

Equipment –Pickup truck broke down today.  Will be fixed tomorrow.  Still working on the snowplow truck.  Lawn mower is fixed. 

Zoning – None

Cemetery – None

Beautification – D. Schultz is still looking in other possibilities for banners.

Media/Sewer Clerk –News letter went digital this last time.  You can view it on our Facebook page which also has a link to the web site.   There are some hard copies in different location in the village.  The municipal building, library, post office and the bank.

Next meeting August 14, 2023 at 5:00pm

G. otto made a motion, seconded by C. Schmidt to adjourn.  Motion approved 5-0

Adjourned at 6:15 pm


Carol Smith, Clerk