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Properties Committee Meeting Minutes 7/13/2023

Properties Committee Meeting Minutes 7-13-2023

Location- lot between 1136 Cty Rd D and 1142 Cty Rd D 

Meeting called to order 7:01 pm

Members Present- Dave Johnson, Greg Otto, Brian Roehrborn, Dylan Warzynski, via phone. 

Public Present- Gail Novotny 

Discussion on as about the ability of Rich and Gail Novotny to purchase the village lot between 1136 Cty Rd D and 1142 Cty Rd D. 

Through discussion the committee said we would have to look at all allowable options for the lot. We decided our recommendation would most likely to sell a portion of the lot for fair market value, and would have to offer half to the residents of 1136 Cty D. The Village would want to keep a 12ft center section for a right of way regardless of sale decision. Further discussion will be done after looking up values and how much is able to be sold to the Novotny‚Äôs. 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:37 pm. Motion made by Dave Johnson, Second by Greg Otto.