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Village Board Meeting Minutes – 8/14/2023

Almond Village

Board Regular Meeting

August 14, 2023


Present: B. Roehrborn, D. Johnson, D. Schultz, D. Warzynski, G. Otto, L. Helmrick, C. Smith, H Burns

Visitors:  David Schauer, Clifford Williams

Meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by President B. Roehrborn

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

G. Otto made a motion, seconded by L. Helmrick to approve the minutes from the July 10, 2023 board meeting.  Motion approved 5-0.

Treasurer’s report – H. Burns gave the treasurer’s report.  D. Johnson made a motion, seconded by L. Helmick to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion approved 5-0.

Public Input-Clifford Williams from Dee’s Bar & Grill appeared before the board to ask permission to close Division St from CTY A to 2nd St on September 30, 2023 from 9am til 4pm for a car show.  This would include refreshments and music.  As this was not on the agenda for approval, it will be brought back up at the September meeting for board to be voted on.

Fire/EMS – Joint Fire meeting to be held on August 30, 2023

Public Works – D. Schultz updated the board on the Jetter problems.  There is a wiring issue.  The cable keeps breaking where it is used the most.  This can be fixed.  G. Otto made a motion, seconded by D. Warzynski, that the board give the go ahead and get the repairs done by reversing the wire on the Jetter to put the good wire first, at a cost to the village for $600.00 plus parts. Motion approved 5-0.  The $600.00 repair is a temporary repair that to fix it right would need to spend the $12,000.00

Dennis reported that he talked to the person from Generac for the generator we are waiting for and they want us to pay for the moving of the pad.  This is not going to happen as they put it in the wrong place to begin with.  We have correspondence that state they are going to move it.  Dennis will keep on top of this issue.

Discussion was held on the tire roundup.  D. Schultz said the Town would like to leave the tire roundup as before as they have budgeted according.  He told them, the Village would be willing to go with 8 tires instead of 14.  Details still up for discussion.

D. Schauer reported that the front window in the library is fogging up.  The back door has a pallet hole in it.

We are going to put in ads again for a person for the collection site.  If anyone is interested call the clerk’s office.

Bills – D. Johnson presented the bills.  G. Otto made a motion, seconded by D. Schultz to pay the bills.  Motion approved 5-0

Properties Committee – The committee had met at 1136 & 1142 CTY RD D to discuss a request to acquire this property or part of by Richard Novotny.  They still have some concerns to look into before making a decision.  The committee recommended that the board sell them a portion of the lot for fair market value and would have to offer half to the residents of 1136 CTY RD D.  The Village would want to keep a 12ft center section for a right of way regardless of sale decision for access to the sewer line.

Ordinance/Personnel – L. Helmrick presented the revised ordinance 7-1-3-Parking restriction on village streets.   G. Otto made a motion, seconded by D. Schultz to adopt the revised ordinance for semi parking.  Motion approved 5-0.

Equipment – Still working on the snowplow truck. 

D. Warzynski made a motion, seconded by G. Otto to approve pre-financing of $75,000.00 for the purchase of a front end pay loader.  Motion approved 5-0

D. Warzynski made a motion, seconded by D. Schultz to approve paying up to $2500.00 to purchase a brush broom for doing the sidewalk.  Motion approved 5-0

Zoning – None

Cemetery – Possible September repair work to be done

Beautification – D. Schultz is still looking in other possibilities for banners.

Media/Sewer Clerk –Newsletter went out. Second sewer billing went out.

Next meeting September 11, 2023 at 5:00pm

G. Otto made a motion, seconded by L. Helmrick to adjourn.  Motion approved 5-0

Adjourned at 7:45 pm


Carol Smith, Clerk