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Village of Almond Meeting Minutes – 5/13/2024

Almond Village

Board Regular Meeting

May 13, 2024


Present: B. Roehrborn, D. Johnson, D. Schultz, D. Warzynski, W. Tomczak, L. Helmrick, C. Smith, H Burns

Visitors:  Greg Otto, Larry Oathout

Meeting was called to order at 5:03 pm by President B. Roehrborn

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

L. Helmrick a motion, seconded by D. Schultz to approve the minutes from the April 8, 2024 board meeting.  Motion approved 5-0.

Treasurer’s report – H Burns gave the treasurer’s report.  D. Schultz made a motion, seconded by W. Tomczak to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion approved 5-0.

Finance report: D. Johnson gave the finance report.  L. Helmrick made a motion, seconded by W. Tomczak to approve the bills.  Motion approved 5-0

Public Input-None

 Public Works -D. Schultz has been in contact with someone that will give us an estimate on grinding down bad spots on some of our sidewalks.  W. Tomczak will get a map of the village and mark the areas that require attention.

Library Lease – Larry Oathout from the Portage County Library board appeared before the board with a lease agreement between the Village and County for the use of the library.  After reviewing the lease, the board asked for some changes.  Larry will take this lease back and have it amended.  It will be brought before the board at the meeting in June for approval upon the changes and reviewed again.  Larry gave a report on how the library is doing, both County wide and in the Village.

Fire/EMS – Dennis Schultz presented for the board approval an agreement between Town and Village Fire Department and the Bancroft Fire for Bancroft to cover all of the Town and Village coverage area.  This will also help our fire ratings for insurance purposes.  L. Helmrick made a motion, seconded by D. Warzynski to approve signing this agreement.  Motion approved 5-0.  A reminder there is going to be a retirement party for retiring chief Dan Folan on June 3, 2024 and a swearing in of the new chief at that time also.  It was reported that there is a possibility of a few new members to the EMS program.  It is in the works.

Properties – The agreement with the Housing Authority of the County of Portage will be ending at the end of this year.  They are asking for a renewal agreement for another five-year period.  D. Johnson made a motion, seconded by L. Helmrick to sign the agreement lease for another five years.  Motion approved.

The board signed Resolution #5-13-24 pertaining to this agreement.

The board was informed the agreement between James Johnson/Heartland Farms has been signed for another year.  This agreement gives permission to move the irrigation system through the Village Disposal/Recycling Center.  Discussion was held on extending this agreement to five years.  A motion was made by L. Helmrick, seconded by D. Schultz to stay with the annual agreement as we never know if we might make changes to this area.  Motion approved 5-0

Ordinance/Personnel – L. Helmrick made a motion seconded by D. Schultz to hire Greg Otto as the new Village maintenance person.  Motion approved 5-0.

Kurt Olson is requesting permission of the board for approval of a variance to the height of his garage he wants to build on his property, so it looks better beside his home.  L. Helmrick made a motion, seconded by W. Tomczak to approve the variance to this garage if it approved by the zoning committee.  Motion passed 5-0.

Dylan Stephens requested a variance to the ordinance of 5 feet from the lot line instead of 10 feet, to tear down / build – replacing his present garage.  D. Schultz made a motion, seconded by L. Helmrick to deny this variance.  Motion approved 5-0

Equipment – Jetter is being worked on.  Should be finished sometime this month.  D. Schultz purchased a wheel loader for $29,000.00 for the village.  D. Warzynski made a motion, seconded by W. Tomczak to use money out of the Sewer replacement fund to purchase it as this time, to be paid pack with interest.   Approved 5-0.

Zoning-One fence

Beautification – New signs are on hold until school starts again.  The board wants to thank Pat Leary for repairing one of the signs that was ripped.  It is much appreciated.

Media/Sewer Clerk – Updating web site

Our Road Grant was approved to repair Oak Street

Cemetery -The Almond Student Council helped rake the Veterans Park and the cemetery.  They did a great job.  Thanks everyone.

Next meeting June 10, 2024 at 5:00pm

L. Helmrick made a motion, seconded by D. Johnson to adjourn.  Motion approved 5-0

Adjourned at 6:30pm


Carol Smith, Clerk