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Joint Fire Department Meeting Minutes – 10/6/2020

Town-Village of Almond

Joint Fire Committee Meeting

Tuesday October 6, 2020


Present were: Roger Hetzel, Matt Lemke, Kip Gutke, Ken Trzebiatowski, Richard Burns and Carol Smith.

Also present were: Dan Folan, W. Tomczak, D. Curwen

Meeting called to order by Chairman R. Hetzel at 7:00pm

Went right into discussion of the bids for the new fire truck.  Four bids were sent out and three were returned.

The ones returned were:

Pierce for $279,880.00

Rosenbauer for $239,480.00 with a 20-year warranty

Custom Fab and Body LLC for $227,889.00 with a 10 warranty

Some of the bids were not the same as far as items quoted.

The committee then called Rosenbauer and Custom Fab and tried to get them more identical.

The bids came bad within $916.00

The committee recommended going with Rosenbauer for a total of $220,916.00

K. Trzebiatowski made a recommendation, seconded by M. Lemke to go with Rosenbauer for a total of $220,916.00.  Recommendation passed 4-0.  The respective board members will take this back to their boards at their next board meeting in October.

The boards have $20,916.00 that will come off the top of this figure to be used for some of the addon’s. Leaving the balance of $200,000.00.

The first payment will be sometime in approx. March 2021 for the cost of the chaise of $92,623.00.  Delivery of the truck will be approx. 360 from day of order, or possible September/October of 2021

R. Burns made a motion, seconded by K. Gutke to adjourn

Adjourned at 7:50pm

Respectfully submitted

Carol Smith, Secretary