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Absentee Voting Information for August 9, 2022 Partisan Primary

There will be Partisan Primary on AUGUST 9, 2022. Voting will take place at the Village Municipal Center from 7am-8pm. The Village Municipal Center is handicapped accessible through the rear door. There is a doorbell at this entrance if you need additional assistance.

All voters who wish to cast a ballot at their polling place on Election Day or in the municipal clerk’s office during the in-person absentee period will have to provide an acceptable photo identification (ID) before they receive a ballot. Please visit for information on acceptable forms of identification.

To see who will be on the ballot, visit Many election questions can be answered on that website. Any additional questions can be directed to Carol Smith, Village Clerk at 715-366-8171 or 715-498-8861.


Any qualified elector who is unable or unwilling to appear at the polling place on Election Day may submit a request to vote an absentee ballot to our municipal clerk. A qualified elector is any U.S. Citizen, who will be 18 years of age or older on Election Day, who has resided in the municipality where he or she wishes to vote for a least 10 consecutive days before the election. The elector must also be registered in order to receive an absentee ballot. Proof of identification must be provided before an absentee ballot may be issued.

You must make a request for an absentee ballot in writing or online at

Contact your municipal clerk and request that an application for an absentee ballot be sent to you for the election. You may also submit a written request in the form of a letter or you may apply for an absentee ballot online at Your written request must include your voting address within the municipality where you wish to vote, the address where the absentee ballot should be sent, if different, your signature and a copy of your photo identification.

Voters who are indefinitely confined due to age, illness, infirmity, or disability may not be required to provide photo ID. If this applies to you, contact the municipal clerk regarding deadlines for requesting and submitting an absentee ballot.

You may make application to your municipal clerk for an absentee ballot in person, by mail, by fax, by email or at

Making application to receive an absentee ballot by mail
Your request to receive an absentee ballot by mail is 5pm on Thursday, August 4, 2022.

Voting absentee ballot in person
You may also request and vote an absentee ballot in the municipal clerk’s office during the clerk’s business hours or by appointment. The first day to vote an absentee ballot in the clerk’s office is Tuesday, July 26, 2022. The final day to vote an absentee ballot in the clerk’s office is Friday August 5, 2022.


General Election will be held on November 8, 2022